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Because investing to secure your financial future and the preservation of your assets are important priorities. Fundamental to your overall well being is the peace of mind you will achieve from having solid financial plans. Individuals take action only when the message hits home! So read as many books as you can, hear as many points of view and attend a zillion seminars if you can. Hear it 100 different ways until one day you will say . . . I’m ready to take action, I’ve finally got it!

This book will provide you with many good reasons to feel confident about moving on to the next level in your financial planning.

Why is this book different?

It�s light reading. Not simple, perhaps simplified, but mostly it’s upbeat and my goal is to make it fun. During my years as a Financial Advisor, I have often been asked to recommend a good book on investing. Well, there are many great books on every imaginable area of investing, stock markets, global investing, economic trends, investment styles and even "How to" books on getting financially organized, estate planning, retirement planning and so on. They are specific, technical and detailed in each subject area. That’s ideal, if you know what subject matter you are looking for.

"This is a BIG PICTURE book"

In this book you will see how human progress has always been, and will continue to be, the growth engine of the stock markets.

Some may challenge you on this theory, so be prepared with this quick response: Think about all the "things" in your life, from your car, your cell phone, your energy saving appliances, the medications you rely on, the TV programs you enjoy from your satellite channel and the computer you may use to surf the net or keep your accounts and favourite recipes. These "things", these ideas, were once someone�s brainchild. It is people who have these visions and people who make the decisions to bring these visions to life. Stock markets reflect ideas and innovations that come alive.

Part of the big "investment" picture is the need for an integrated approach to wealth management and the implementation of strategies. Financial planning is a process of integrating your total financial needs for investment, tax and estate planning, not just the purchasing of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Let’s be up front now. There will be no explanations here of investment styles, short sells, puts, calls, options, hedge funds or derivatives. There will be very little mention of the Canadian economic direction, the loonie or interest rates and there will be no market predictions to speak of. I will not even explain how a market neutral strategy works and, crime of crimes, there will be almost no mention of Mutual Funds, and no recommended buy list.

This book does not wish to capture the reader’s interest with detailed technical jargon. There are an endless number of books that do that job very well. This book was written to provide you with a solid foundation from which to gain a positive long-term perspective for investing with confidence.

Happy New Millennium is here to provide you with a perspective of what’s to come in the new millennium, some strategies to get you there and how you can reap the investment benefits.

Dixie Allen

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What others are saying

I read it non-stop last night! It’s great! Not only informative but shows that you have a wonderful sense of humour! Tonight I’m going to reread it with emphasis on the planning sections.

Peter Webb
President & Chief Executive Officer
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Good Book! Hard to put down!

William C. Riechert
Provident Mutual, Garden City, New York


Dixie Allen provides a fun, easy-to-read approach to financial planning. Her optimism gives you confidence about investing in the future.

Suzanne Grimble
Director, Finance & Administration
Clarington Funds


...thoughtful...thought provoking...an energizing read!

Lawrence H. Fine
Draimin, Fine Barristers and Solicitors



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