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Here's The Plan is a bi-weekly newspaper column that Dixie writes. Using a lighthearted storytelling approach, Dixie is able to convey sound financial planning advice in a manner that is not only easily understood but that her audience can well relate to.

Here are some of the columns to browse through and enjoy. If you have any questions about the ideas presented here, please don't hesitate to contact Dixie. You can contact Dixie and her staff directly at (416) 441-4146 or toll-free at 1-866-441-4146 ext. 321. Of course your best bet is to use the Trusted Second Opinion link and arrange to meet with Dixie in person.

Seventies and Still Singing Along

Sweet Sixties and Going it Alone

The Next Generation

Turning Sixty Nine

Here a Tax There a Tax

Keeping a Perspective

Dream a Little Dream

Mortgage Free

Doing Nothing Takes Planning

How Much is Enough

The Great Rollover Challenge

Life is Long, be Ready

Retirement - Happy Ending or New Beginning

Seniors' Estate Plan Gets a Reality Check!



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