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Contact Information

E-mail Dixie

Dear Dixie
"We want to express our appreciation on how you have advised us and looked after our retirement portfolio during the past years. We often talk about it between the two of us and we want you to know we really do appreciate the service you have shown us and look forward to continuing in the same path in the future. Thank you so much, sincerely,"

Shirley and Wayne, Belleville Ontario
Retired Professionals, 19 years of doing business together

Dear Dixie
"....and finally, as I have said on many occasions, I am more than pleased with the way you have directed my investments since the beginning. Regards"

Allan, Toronto Ontario
Lawyer, 19 years of doing business together

"Thank you Dixie, your thoughtfulness is most appreciated not only for the fine dining experience but for the wonderful care you take in managing our portfolios."

Mary-Ellen wel, Cobourg, Ontario
Business Professionals, 15 years of doing business together

Does your portfolio contain the best mix of investments for today's environment?

Wouldn't a trusted second opinion of your portfolio bring you some peace of mind during these rapidly evolving times?

ixie offers an initial no cost, no obligation session to review your portfolio. At the end of the session, you will receive:

  • A personalized investment assessment

  • An immediate tax-saving tip

  • One proven estate preservation idea to implement

Book your session now!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Call to book your appointment with Dixie by phone at 416-441-4146 or 866-441-4146 at extension 321 or by e-mail at dallen@dixieallen.com.

Once you have scheduled your meeting with Dixie, click here and review Dixie's checklist of How to Get the Most from Your Review.


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